Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life across the Country | Lifestyle

No one ever said that living away from home was easy, but neither is following a dream. Leaving home straight after high school was a decision that was certainly not sudden. Deciding to experience a whole new beautiful world on the opposite end of my country was a decision that I have not regretted since.              

Dreams should be followed. They should be chased and not merely thought of. Dreams need to be realised, and not merely dreamt of. The realisation of these dreams it was makes them so magical. 

Being 18 for a month, I moved my life to the Western Cape, all the way from the vibrant province of KwaZulu-Natal. I did this consciously knowing that it meant leaving my friends, family and boyfriend behind, only being able to see them every two or three months. I did this, however, wanting to make them proud by following my dreams and doing what makes me happy. 

I live a life that I wake up loving every morning; a life that provides me with endless opportunities; a life that allows me to be who I want to be. I live a life that brings me joy and that I am passionate about. 

I have a stunning view of the sunset from my bedroom window and a breath-taking backdrop of the mountain when leaving my gate. I walk through endless roads filled with restaurants, delightful cafes, numerous tourists from all over the world, singing, cheering, photographing and bliss. I stroll through a lane of beautiful trees, whether their grass-green leaves reside on them in summer, or whether the golden-brown leaves lay on the sidewalk during autumn. 

It becomes challenging when days aren't so good; when home sickness kicks in. Sometimes I crave the hug of persons who are just over 1600 km away. Their absence kills me, but my presence here is for the mere purpose to make them proud, and I ensure that I remind myself of that each and every day. Returning to them after a few weeks or months, nevertheless, is the best feeling in the world, and that is something I love about being here. 

In ordinary seven, nearly eight months I have learnt so much. I’ve grown to be independent and responsible; to look after myself without having to rely on anyone else, and to be able to make decisions that will affect no one but myself. I have met people that have made my experience 10 times better, reshaped smiles into laughter and turned moments into memories.

If there is anything anyone should do is make whatever sparks the most happiness in their lives; do whatever is going to make the day ahead worthwhile and live life to its fullest. No one deserves to live a life that is less than perfect for them!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My In-Flight Travel Essentials | Travel


This year I started studying on the opposite end of the country, which requires me to travel a little bit more than what I used to when I was at school. Despite the flight only being approximately 2 hours long, additional time spent getting to the airport, checking-in, commutingg and finally picking up the tons of luggage brought with does call for some essentials!

I opt to carry these items in a bag that I can carry on my back rather than one dangling on my shoulder. This is easily accessible and also allows for a smooth, easier travel experience, since you are able to juggle and carry all your bags in a more stress-free manner! 

1. My iPhone - I think this is considered an essential not only for travel but on a daily basis. It is however important for me to be able to contact others just before take-off or after landing. 

2. Purse - It's always a good idea to have some extra money on you!

3. A good hand cream is an essential every day- I am currently using the Source Roots Of Nature Cherry Blossom & Pistachio Cream which has an incredible scent.

4. Labello's Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter - Soft, moisturised lips is a must for me, all day, everyday!
5. A small compact mirror - These are always helpful.

6. Earphones - These are definitely a must have in any situation really!

7. Chewing gum - Certainly one of my necessities! I can easily have more than one per day, leaving my mouth with a great taste in the morning or after a meal.

8. My iPod Shuffle - I've had this for years but still works wonders! I prefer using my iPod to my phone or laptop due to its tiiiny size, which makes it so much more manageable and doesn't take up any space at all. 
9. Tissues - I never know when I'm going to spill a drink (I am pretty clumsy!) or get the sniffs. I always carry a pack of these with me.

10. Hair ties - Just in case - bad hair days happen!

11. Sunglasses - Whether it is Summer or Winter, these will most likely be with me.

12. Prescription glasses - Just as important (however I do wear contact lenses).

13. Bottle of water - it is extremely important to keep hydrated at such high altitudes. I always carry water, as it is healthy and refreshing.

14. Small nibbles - I like to include a mix of hard sweets (in this case Smoothies Supa mint flavoured sweets) and some chewy Maynards Wine Gums. Sometimes I will include a more filling snack, such as some morning biscuits or peanuts and raisins, but I generally don't eat much on the plane.
15. Cardigan or jersey - I usually dress according to the weather conditions at the stage of travel, but will take something warmer with me each time. It can get quite chilly in the airplane but sitting in such a small, enclosed people with others may also cause one to be hot, so I take something that I can easily put on and take off at any given time.

I also carry my laptop with me on any flight I lay my foot on. It is always great to do some work, watch movies/series or even listen to some music. I don't generally take much to read (I don't enjoy reading as much as I like writing), but if I do, it should be a magazine of some sort (I usually just stick to reading the local flight magazine rather). 

It's nearly time to pack up again to get back to studying (after 6 weeks!). I'm going from cold weather to freezing iciness (I think I'll definitely be taking a few more warm things on the plane this time) but I'm somehow hoping that it won't be too bad. 

I have really enjoyed this time off and a bit lazy to get back into routine. Nevertheless, it has to be done and with that, comes some more travelling! Let me know what your travelling essentials are and I'll see you next time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

15 Uses for Vaseline | Beauty

There is usually a very general use for Vaseline (petroleum jelly), which is usually used for moisturising. There is, however, a few other uses for this inexpensive, useful product that I will share below. 

#1. Smooth, soft lips
Vaseline may be used as a balm, which is one of its most frequent uses. 

#2. Face moisturiser
Being non-comedogenic (formulated to not cause blocked/clogged pores), Vaseline may be applied all over the face for moisture. 

#3. Night cream
By warming up this product one may use it as a soothing night cream. 

#4. Growing your eyelashes
Many people live by this! Apply some Vaseline on your eyelashes each night before bed for long, thick lashes.

#5. Remove false eyelashes glue
Use Vaseline to remove the glue of your false lashes a little easier. 

#6. Tame eyebrows
Keep those brows in place all day long by applying a small amount of Vaseline to them. Make sure to distribute the product evenly.

#7. Plucking eyebrows
Soften your skin with this product to allow easier and easy-going plucking.

#8. Eye makeup remover
Makeup removers can be quite expensive, and when on a budget, we look for alternatives that work just as well! You can replace these luxurious products with one that is gentle on the skin and inexpensive to the wallet!

#9. Clear mascara
Sometimes laziness gets in the way, yet we still want to look presentable. Use Vaseline as a light lash conditioner when embracing the no-makeup look. It will give you a fuller-looking set of glossy eyelashes.

#10. Fragrance scent keeper
Rub Vaseline wherever you are about to spritz your favourite fragrance and allow it to last all day! Moisturised skin is said to hold the scent longer.

#11. Manicure tool
Apply the product to the neck of nail polish bottles to allow them to open easily as opposed to getting stuck to the cap. Prep for that mess-free manicure!

#12. Hide those unwanted split ends
Apply a small amount of Vaseline on your fingers and smooth it over your split ends. Take note not to use too much of the product as it can make your hair oily and greasy!

#13. Makeup twist
Mix Vaseline with some powdered eyeshadow or blush and turn these into long-lasting creams.

#14. Healing a sunburn
Vaseline allows for the locking of moisture into the super dry skin, preventing peeling. 

#15. DIY scrub
Exfoliate by adding some sugar or sea salt to Vaseline and use it as either a lip or body scrub.

I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered some new uses for your ever-so-simple Vaseline. Added to these are many other uses such as shoe polishing and cuticle care, which I find pretty interesting since such a small tub can take one such a long way!

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Make sure to share these useful tips with others and I hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

21 Question Tag | Get to know me

I got nominated by the lovely Shaelyn Janisch from Just Shae to do this 21 Question Challenge! 

1. What is your current fashion obsession? 

Any form of knitwear + gold accessories.
2. What are you wearing today? 
A white, almost chiffon type blouse with a turquoise scarf. Paired up with some faded jeans and tan lace-up boots.

3. Hair?  
Naturally blonde curly hair. Whether it is straight or curly depends on how I feel.

4. Do you nap a lot?
No. As much as I LOVE to sleep I prefer to do so from evening to mid-day, and not mid-day to evening.

5. Why is today special? 
It’s another day lived. In mere, pure happiness.

6. What would you like to learn to do?
As much as I possibly could do. Knowledge is key.

7. What’s for dinner today?
Some lovely takeouts from the local Ski Club.

8. What are you listening to right now? 
The clock ticking and wind blowing.

9. What is your favourite weather?  
Any form of sunny, clear sky, no wind or rain kind of weather.

10. What’s the last thing you bought?
Some adorable nail polishes and new mascara.

11. What are your essentials when traveling?
Phone, gum, lip moisturiser, earphones, makeup and a warm, comfy piece of clothing.

12. What’s your style? 
A mix of anything I find to be cute and comfy.
13. What is your most challenging goal right now? 
To obtain my degree with the best results I am capable of.

14. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? 
Caribbean Islands - I remember telling my dad this as a kid all the time!

15. Favorite vacation spot? 
Anywhere near the beach.

16. Name the things you cannot live without?
My family, friends, boyfriend, love and kindness. These are my ultimate happiness essentials.

17. How was your childhood?
The best childhood I could have had! Growing up in Portugal I was exposed to different cultures, languages, traditions and principles and I believe that these shaped the person I am today. My childhood is one of the best memories I hold.

18. What would you like to have in your hands right now? 
A great cup of coffee.

19. What are you most excited for? 
Making a difference in people’s lives. I am excited to show people how much good there is in the world and the thousands of reasons to wake up with a smile on ones face every morning.

20. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? 
Either to Portugal, to revisit the people I love, the places I miss (and definitely for the food!) or anywhere that would make my experience worthwhile.

21. Which countries have you visited? 
England and Germany (if remaining merely in the airport waiting for my next flight counts ahah!). Portugal, Spain and Scotland.

I nominate Julie from Cute Instgram x

I hope you enjoyed this small, sweet post and learnt something new about me. Keep in touch to discover some more. See you next time!
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Durban July 2015 | Fashion

This past Saturday, 4th July 2015, Durban experienced one of Africa's greatest horse racing events, the 119th Durban July (the racing event started in 1897!). This event, held at the Greyville Racecourse, is not only a racing extravaganza, but also that of fashion and entertainment.

Despite being very close to the Durban area, I was not able to attend the event (very sadly). I did, however, take a peak at the July Fever this year, with an underlying nautical theme of The Captain's Table. See below what went down this year!

Please note that the pictures below are not mine, and I have linked them to their respective official pages.

Pre-raceday Fashion Competitions:
Fashion Challenge:  
This combination is one of my favourites. Stunning model, beautifully dressed with an up-do that complements the outfit wonderfully. 
Great contrast between pale skin and lovely maroon lipstick. This is then complemented with a soft gold-undertone eye makeup.
A little bit more fun, cute outfit yet still elegant with its combination of colours and fabrics.

Young Designer Award:
I absolutely love this outfit, including from the side. The over coat and hat accompany each other so well. I love the unique detail and monochrome blend. 

Extremely unusual edginess to this outfit. Great aspects and interesting upper-body, over-the-head section.
It appears as if monochrome was a trending choice during this competition. Lower-body patterning compensates for the rather simpler upper-body.
This photo focused all my attention on the admirably almost fixed-looking makeup. I love the technique used, both with the lips and eyes. Great harmony between the makeup and outfit. I find the eye makeup particularly provoking. Absolutely gorgeous!

Pre-raceday Fashion Shows:
Invited Designer Showcase:
These are beautiful! The fabric is light, corresponding to the soft, indulgent colours used. Gorgeous look from head to toe!
Stunning incorporation of African tradition, older smartness with modern touches.
Another monochrome combination that is pleasing to the eye. Simple blend however with a balance of patterning and detail to provide it with elegance.
Unpretentious look, nonetheless consistent to the style of the head piece. Great look for pale skin.

 Raceday Fashion:
Straightforward classical theme following, yet cute and chic.
Leandi Roos and Wayne Redgard wear Brenda Waring matching outfits.

Some bold, extravagant, colourful pieces.

These show the variance in the manner in which head pieces may be created, and thereafter used. I found these quite interesting.

All the above photographs are from the Vodacom Durban July's Gallery on Picasa. 
To see more fashion statements visit the gallery here.
To get more information on the July Fever click here.

My Instagram Findings:
Of course I had to do some of my own research (some may call it stalking!) on our local celebs and how the July Fever hit them. Check it out below!

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha dressed by:
Khosi Nkosi in her chic bright red cape jumpsuit. 
From: Nomzamo Mbatha (Instagram)

5FM DJ Poppy Ntshongwana
From: Poppy Ntshongwana (Instagram)

TV Presenter Jeannie D dressed by:
Katherine Kidger; accessories from Mimco.
 From: Jeannie D (Instagram)
Mimco (Instagram)

Rapper Nadia Nakai dressed by:
Forever New.
From: Nadia Nakai (Instagram)
Forever New (Instagram)

Amanda Du Pont in her stunning haute couture jumpsuit dressed by:
Fashion designer Khothatso Laurence Tsotetsi.

 From: Amanda Du Pont (Instagram)

Metro FM DJ/Talk Show Host/Brand Ambassador for Revlon Cosmetics 
Bonang Matheba dressed by:
Gert-Johan Coetzee.

 From: Bonang Matheba (Instagram)

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the magnificence of this gown? This is close to perfection, from the gown to the hair to the makeup to the shoes to the fine accessories. The detail on the upper body is remarkably elegant. The overall grooming portrayed here results in a stunning image. I fell in love with this ensemble the moment I laid eyes on it!

With a more local and Proudly South African post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you went to the July, you are more than welcome to share your experience and pictures with me in the comment section below or via Twitter, Instagram or my Facebook Page

Thank you so much for reading in style and please do come back. See you next time!