Tuesday, July 14, 2015

15 Uses for Vaseline | Beauty

There is usually a very general use for Vaseline (petroleum jelly), which is usually used for moisturising. There is, however, a few other uses for this inexpensive, useful product that I will share below. 

#1. Smooth, soft lips
Vaseline may be used as a balm, which is one of its most frequent uses. 

#2. Face moisturiser
Being non-comedogenic (formulated to not cause blocked/clogged pores), Vaseline may be applied all over the face for moisture. 

#3. Night cream
By warming up this product one may use it as a soothing night cream. 

#4. Growing your eyelashes
Many people live by this! Apply some Vaseline on your eyelashes each night before bed for long, thick lashes.

#5. Remove false eyelashes glue
Use Vaseline to remove the glue of your false lashes a little easier. 

#6. Tame eyebrows
Keep those brows in place all day long by applying a small amount of Vaseline to them. Make sure to distribute the product evenly.

#7. Plucking eyebrows
Soften your skin with this product to allow easier and easy-going plucking.

#8. Eye makeup remover
Makeup removers can be quite expensive, and when on a budget, we look for alternatives that work just as well! You can replace these luxurious products with one that is gentle on the skin and inexpensive to the wallet!

#9. Clear mascara
Sometimes laziness gets in the way, yet we still want to look presentable. Use Vaseline as a light lash conditioner when embracing the no-makeup look. It will give you a fuller-looking set of glossy eyelashes.

#10. Fragrance scent keeper
Rub Vaseline wherever you are about to spritz your favourite fragrance and allow it to last all day! Moisturised skin is said to hold the scent longer.

#11. Manicure tool
Apply the product to the neck of nail polish bottles to allow them to open easily as opposed to getting stuck to the cap. Prep for that mess-free manicure!

#12. Hide those unwanted split ends
Apply a small amount of Vaseline on your fingers and smooth it over your split ends. Take note not to use too much of the product as it can make your hair oily and greasy!

#13. Makeup twist
Mix Vaseline with some powdered eyeshadow or blush and turn these into long-lasting creams.

#14. Healing a sunburn
Vaseline allows for the locking of moisture into the super dry skin, preventing peeling. 

#15. DIY scrub
Exfoliate by adding some sugar or sea salt to Vaseline and use it as either a lip or body scrub.

I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered some new uses for your ever-so-simple Vaseline. Added to these are many other uses such as shoe polishing and cuticle care, which I find pretty interesting since such a small tub can take one such a long way!

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