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My Essence-tials | Beauty

Although my makeup collection consists of a variety of products, including those of Maybelline, Yardley, Wet n Wild, Colour Couture, Revlon and others, I tend to head straight to the Essence stand to see what is in store!

Have a sneak-peak of what most of my Essence collection looks like, and why I choose these products over others.

  • Coverstick in Matt Sand 01: Great coverage for blemishes and it's super creamy. I tend to use this under my eyes for dark circles as well as a substitute for eyeshadow primer on lazy days and it works wonders! I do however find it a bit drying, so I try not apply in excessive amounts, but definitely recommend.
  • Mattifying Compact Powder in 01 natural beige: My magic dust - possibly one of my favourite Essence products! This powder is so richly pigmented and has an incredible consistency. The delicate texture allows an easy blend, emphasising on my complexion and almost creating a new vibrant feel to the skin. I love this powder and highly recommend it. 

TIP: When applying powder, try dabbing it on instead of a circular-motion application. In this way, it allows for a smooth surface, aiding any colour application later on. This technique also allows for blemishes to remain covered (coversticks/concealers are generally able to spread easily- in this way they won't!).
  • Silky Touch Blush in 70 kissable: A recent discovery and what a success! I love the pigment of this blush - so girly yet so confident. Beautiful colour. Not over pigmented (which is good for a blush, since it avoids the clown face).

40 natural beauty: A colour that I have bought over and over again (well used as you may see!). This product allows a natural-looking highlight to the cheeks, but still creating great dimension on the face. Strongly recommend. 

TIP: These powders have a great pigmentation and are long-lasting, both on the face as well as in their palettes. They are creamy opposed to chalky, and therefore blend easily. Take advantage of this and blend them into one another. I use natural beauty for below my cheekbones, up to my temples, and thereafter apply kissable to the apples. 

I have also tried out 10 adorable which I find extremely appropriate for a cute, sweet, innocent kind of look. 

  • Eyebrow Stylist Set in 02 natural blonde style: Two eyebrow powders, three stencils and an applicator. I definitely enjoy the powders to create a natural look, however I do not enjoy the applicator as much and recommend using your own. I do not make use of the stencils as I try to make my eyebrows as natural as possible.

  • Quattro eyeshadow in 12 purple day: To be honest, I don't even think they sell this combination anymore. I have had it forever and don't make as much use of it as I should. The colour combinations of these circular palettes are great for several looks, with great consistency and application.
  • All about nude eyeshadow palette: I forgot to take a picture of this so click on the link if you want to see what it looks like! Combination of 6 richly-pigmented shimmering, matt and mettalic eyeshadow colours which go great hand-in-hand. The lifespan of Essence eyeshadows is incredible.

TIP: I use the top left corner colour for the inner corner of my eye. This gives the effect of wide, bright, awake eyes. 
  • Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara: Essence has such a wide range of mascaras and I haven't even tried them all. However, I recommend this product if you are looking for a more intensive look. These provide big, fuller, curly lashes with a smooth swipe of the brush (curved fibre brush aids in the process). I love the brush and the product itself and use it on a daily-basis.
  • Lipliner in 11 in the nude and 12 wish me a rose: I have only recently began to use lipliners but I grew to like them, since they keep my lipstick within the lips and avoids the creation of small wrinkly-lines around the mouth later on.
  • Let's talk gloss with XXXL Shine in 22 nude kiss: I evidently love the nude, natural look on lips and love this product. The applicator allows for a perfect amount of product which lasts a great amount of time. The finished look is lovely. Highly recommend.

TIP: Apply this lipgloss over a matt nude lipstick in combination with 11 in the nude eyeliner and you will create a lovely volume-effect on the lips, but kept natural.

  • Blush Brush: Dome-shaped brush, slanted bristles allow fast, easy application. The short handle is great for the use of the brush (black-bristle brush).
  • Powder Brush: The soft bristles of the brush and the rounded shape allow for a smooth application of the loose particles of the product, guaranteeing a flawless look (pink-bristle brush).

My brushes look different to the ones in stores now since mine are super old, but the quality is just as great!
  • Eyeshadow Applicators by Zeena: Great for eyeshadow application. Five applicators with short handles, easy for on-the-go.
  • Eye Blender Brush: Great to blend all the colours together. Creates a gorgeous finished look. Ideal for blending eyeshadow, not applying (due to long bristles).

  • Gel nail polish in 44 on air!: This is the first time purchasing a nail product from Essence's wide range of nail care and I can say that I was super impressed! I loved the finished look of this product. The formula allows for a lovely gel shine, quick dry and is long-lasting. The wide brush allows for a perfect application and coverage. Definitely recommend. 
This is a portion of my makeup collection, which calls for a bit of an update. I discovered Essence when it first came out in South Africa and am using it ever since. Despite being a more inexpensive brand, the products are of high-quality and one that satisfies my makeup needs. I love it because it is affordable, long-lasting and may be compared to finer-quality brands. 

I have my eye on a few new, different products (both from Essence and others) so stay around if you want to find out what those are! Tell me what your Essence-tials are, share your experiences and show me your favourites. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon!

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