Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dressing Formal | Fashion

Last night some of my closest friends had their Varsity Huisdans and I was asked to do their makeup. I decided to share their outfits and makeup, since they looked absolutely stunning and totally worthy to get a few ideas for formal events. 

Dee paired her nude turtle-neck bodycon dress with a watch, a statement ring, three necklaces, white nails and a lovely pair of pointed-toe stilettos. 
Even though it is not entirely visible, I used a mix of shimmery golds and browns on Dee's eyelids with thick top black eyeliner topped up with some mascara. 

Nomzee dressed plain yet beautiful with her flowy navy dress and its open chest area. 

I used a mix of light gold and purple under-toned blue eye shadow. This was topped with some top eyelid eyeliner and mascara. 

Trish looked like a Greek goddess with her gold and pink under layer completed with an overlay of soft pink chiffon dress. She combined with with a simple gold headpiece, a chain and gold and peach high-heeled gladiators. 
Trish did her own makeup, using some glittery-gold eye shadow.
Mpho wore her flowy chiffon dress with a low cut neckline with a front slit.  
The girls were running out of time, so I didn't have much time to do Mpho's makeup. I decided to go plain and simple with a very light pink eye-shadow, to compliment her dress.

Nicole showed off her turtle-neck charcoal grey long-sleeved dress with slits on the side, paired with black stiletto pumps and a bold navy blue beaded chain. 
I decided to give Nicole more of a dramatic look to compliment her outfit. I used an undertone of purple, topped with some silver shimmery eye shadow and a mix of dark grey and black. This was combined with top liner and mascara. 

The girls looked absolutely stunning. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think about both the outfits and the makeup. See you soon!

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