Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blossoming in Spring | Lifestyle

Spring is here and I couldn't be happier! As much as I love the season, I've been relatively absent from the blog since workload at university is nothing but increasing (so I apologize for that!). I won't be posting too much for the next two months, but I promise to try my best to post as much as I can.

However, a switch in seasons always branches to a switch in a variety of other elements, blossoming in their own, unique way. This is something that I love about such seasonal change, and I can't wait to share more about it below! 

I have never been a person to like the idea of winter and what comes with it, namely cold, rain and wind. I see winter having only two purposes: perfect for a good cup of coffee while doing some work indoors & is even better for some blankets, yummy food and a couple of good movies. Nonetheless, my love for spring and summer especially is evidently due to my passion for nature and excitement to have some fun in the sun! 

Spring, to me, is absolutely incredible because:

1. It symbolizes new beginnings and a whole new perspective on life. The beauty of blossoming on bare branches should be incredibly inspiring in itself; not only in terms of nature, but also when applied to oneself; ones individual success and well-being.

2. It is yet another excuse for a new promotion of fashion, and different forms of interpretation of it thereafter. I love to see how people embrace the different seasons through physical aspects, including clothing, makeup, shoes and accessories. 

3. One of my absolute favourites: it inspires me to lead a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle should be lived no matter what the month, season or even year. It is, nevertheless, easier to find myself indulging in yummy foods and engaging in less and less physical activity as the days get colder. Excuses are excuses, and those are definitely examples of such; however, it is a tendency I seem to unfortunately follow each year. I find that spring helps me overcome this. It allows me to want to do more; be more. It inspires me to embrace healthy living, finding myself eating many more kinds of fruit and salads every day. 

4. The beautiful weather is another favourite! As I've mentioned above, I love to be outdoors. I value experience over materialistic aspects and in my mind, some of the best kinds of experience happen outside. I love the sun, the heat, the beach. Sunny, warm weather puts me in the best of moods and makes me want to live every moment to the best of my abilities! 

I am so super excited that the 1st of September has finally arrived, and that warmer weather is bound to come super soon! I would love to embrace some cute spring clothes and engage in summery activities, but that cannot be done just yet since the weather in the Cape is still in a little bit of winter mode. With that, I'm holding fingers that spring mode can kick in as soon as possible, and when it does, my Instagram account will be covered in photos, I'm sure. 

Until then, I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what your favourite season is and why, and even better, what you love to do most in summer. Thanks for reading this. See you soon!

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