Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sweet Christmas | DIY

So the festive season is here, and this could not be anything less than my favourite time of the year! I love December for its festivities, its Summer weather, its joy, its family time (and not to forget, it is indeed my birthday month!). 

I initially had some form of a Stocking Filler post in mind, however that changed slightly when I saw this super cute and easy idea on Pinterest. I was browsing through some pins related to Christmas DIY gifts and I came across this one. Anyone who knows me will know that sweets and yummy things make me super happy, and that I will always include these in gifts to friends. Another feature of my gift-giving habits is putting a bunch of small gifts together, creating either a hamper or putting them in a cute little box or jar. With that said, I decided to incorporate yummy sweets into these gifts in a more festive yet super cute way. 

I started off by selecting pertinent Christmas entities (a reindeer, a snowman and an elf) and consequently, made them out of cardboard and paper. You want to make sure that these are quite strong and secure since they will be holding the contents. 

I then bought sweets relevant to the particular colour scheme I associated with the characters. I also chose clear plastic bags of relevant size. 

I then simply placed these in the bags, and stuck the characters on the latter. Super easy and super sweet! Take a closer look at them below. 

The Reindeer:
I covered the cardboard in brown paper, stuck on a red nose and popped some chocolate balls in the bag.

The Snowman:

This was probably the easiest of the three to do - simply made some cute eyes, a carrot nose and made a small black and blue hat. I was going to use white mini marshmallows only, however I thought the pop of yellow and light blue looked quite adorable, so I used those too!

The Elf:

I am still deciding as to whether this really looks like an elf (I think it's the hat that creates doubts ahah!). But I still think he looks really adorable. Here I used a red and green colour scheme with some Sour Bears and Jelly Tots.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Despite not following my original idea, this little DIY project can easily be used as inspiration for a stocking filler. This is very practical, as it may also be used as a general idea applied to a particular theme, not only necessarily for Christmas. Let me know what you think and if you do try these out, share them with me on Facebook and Instagram

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