Monday, January 11, 2016

CALA Brushes | Review

This years’ very first post concerns quality, but at a reduced cost – something that is not always easily found. Welcome back to the blog and a very Happy New Year! Blogging has been extremely scarce for the past couple of months due to the busy daily routine I have found myself in. I will however try to be around more regularly, and hopefully so will you!

A very noticeable aspect of South African cosmetics is its’ quality and price range extremes. The availability of products is prominent, where on one side lies super cheap makeup brushes and on the other, one encounters high-end brands such as MAC, Stigma and Real Techniques. With that, it is relatively challenging to come across brushes that will last, without possessing the weighty price tag we all dread.

For Christmas, I received the CALA Deluxe Travel Brush Set from my boyfriend and I have fallen in love! I am unsure of the exact price of this one but I know, through previous encounters with and reviews read about these brushes, that they are budget-friendly and do not disappoint!
I haven’t washed my brushes yet as they are just a week or two old, but according to what I have been told about them, after a few washes with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (common product used to wash makeup brushes), they still appear to be as new and fresh as day 1.

One of the very first things that became my favourite about these brushes is how soft and fluffy they are! They feel absolutely incredible on the face and that is an immediate bonus for me! The bristles are also held tightly by the ferrules of the brush, which will further prevent any easy loosening or detaching of these (this may of course eventually happen – all brushes get old at some point!). These brushes are cruelty-free as well as synthetic (great for liquid, cream or powder products).

This set contains: a powder brush, a concealer brush, a shading brush, an eye shadow brush, an eyeliner brush and a brush case. I feel that this a great combination for both beginners and those a little more serious about makeup, as it offers brushes that accommodate the basics of a relatively detailed look.

I love the appearance of the brushes as well as their texture, and the convenience of the case, which allows such easy mobility of these. The case is also relatively compact, being able to easily fit into ones bag without taking up much space.

I certainly believe that these are affordable and great value for money. I am really enjoying this set so far and hope that you do to - if you decide to try these brushes after this post. If you have tried any of these brushes or any other products from CALA, please share your experiences and insight about them in the comments below. Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!


  1. Wow Rox! These brushes look amazing! Have fun with them ❤

    1. Thank you love, I definitely will! You should give them a try sometime too. x

  2. Wow Rox! These brushes look amazing! Have fun with them ❤