Friday, January 22, 2016

Elizabeth Arden DAY to DATE Color Collection | Beauty

Just like my previous post on the CALA brushes that I received from my boyfriend for Christmas (see the review here), I also received this beautiful Elizabeth Arden DAY to DATE Color Collection set from him and thought it was way too incredible not to share it with all of you! Unfortunately I haven’t tried any (yes, ANY!) of the products out yet – don’t ask me why, but I have a tendency to keep something I love instead of using it – but I think that a blend of these will create beautiful looks and I will most definitely put them all to use super soon! 

Since I am unable to write a review on them when they’re just as new as when I received them on Christmas Day, I decided to put together a quick post showing you what this lovely, elegant set entails. The set came in this dazzling zippered cosmetic case - it was love at first sight! Below are all the contents of the set. I'll be going into more detail of each one further on.
One of the first things that popped out to me is how chic all the products looked in their packaging. Together with the products came a little booklet which guides you through each look - both day and date - with descriptions of each product according to the image provided, which I thought was a lovely idea. 
Moving on to each of the products within the set:
For the Eyes:
 1. Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara and a 3 Piece Brush Set.
2. Two gorgeous Day and Night Palettes.
Day Palette (from left to right): Blonde, Chocolate, Misty Teal-Contour, Innocence, Classic Khaki-Contour, Classic Khaki-Highlighter, Cobblestone, Periwinkle.
Included - Blush in shade Romantic Rose.
Night Palette (from left to right): Party Plum, Blackout, Night Owl, Spotlight, Bone, Pearled Kiss, Tempting Teal, Gold Rush.
Included - Blush in shade Blushing Pink.
3. Two Eye Pencils in shades Smokey Black and Midnight.
For the Lips:
 1. Four outrageous lipsticks in shades Raspberry, Ultra Violet, Iced Grape, Desert Rose.
2. Two Lip Pencils in shades Sugared Kiss and Orchid.
 3. Two Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in shades Passion Fruit and Precious Petal. 
Elizabeth Arden Shimmer Powder as well as a bottle of All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (I forgot to take pictures of that one, sorry!).

And that is the stunning Elizabeth Arden DAY to DATE Color Collection! If you ever get the chance to get your hands on this set, I hope you love it as much as I do. The products look absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to try them out. Also, if you have created any looks with these specific products or any other EA products share them with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (you'll find the links to them on the right hand side of this page below my description!). I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon!


  1. You lucky lucky girl! ☺ Tristan surely knows how to look after you! Have fun with it, it looks beautiful!

  2. You lucky lucky girl! ☺ Tristan surely knows how to look after you! Have fun with it, it looks beautiful!