Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why I Decided To Stop Blogging - For Now | Lifestyle

Blogging has always been fun. It has shown itself to be a lee-way for expression, demonstration and learning. It has, and always will be, a platform made available to all for of education, exchange of information and knowledge. One of its’ most beautiful aspects is how accommodating it is – one can blog about almost anything, with a varied target audience, with a mixed number of intentions – and I have enjoyed every aspect of it.

I started my blog on Monday, 29 June 2015, with the purpose of not constraining its’ posts to a certain topic or category, but rather to give some insight into all aspects of life, hence the name “A Day In Life”. My blog began to grow slowly, while putting posts together became something I really enjoyed doing in my spare time. I hadn’t written much, and still haven’t as my blog does not consist of too many posts, but when I chose to write, I would put my all into it. I started my blog when I was in first year university, and while this year, second year, I find my timetable and lecture time having decreased in comparison to last year, work load has filled those gaps, leaving me very little time to attribute to the blog. I have also moved into my own flat, and circumstances this year have changed compared to those of last year, thus not only having the aspect of time to limit my focus on the blog, but also resources.

I have thus decided to stop blogging at this stage. Having a blog is a serious commitment, and if I cannot put my all into it for long periods of time like present (I have not blogged since January – unacceptable!), I would rather put it on hold and, if future times allow, perhaps pick up on it once again. I do not see it as fair not to be consistent or reliable when it comes to my posts, especially when I have readers waiting on me. I am currently in the process of setting new goals for myself, including my work, and those are my number 1 priorities at this stage. You will, however, be able to follow these on my social media down below.

I, therefore, would like to thank every single person who has supported me with taking time out of their days to either read a post I have written or to like the blog’s Facebook page and comment on it. Thank you to everyone who shared my posts, to those who encouraged me and to all those who helped me with any tiny aspect of it all. It was a great experience, one that hopefully has not ended forever!

I will still be active on Instagram and Snapchat, both with the username roxanne_appleby. Be sure to follow me on these, as I will still be sharing new adventures and experiences with you through them!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported A Day In Life blog at any given time, and making this such a pleasant experience for me. Thank you for reading, and hopefully we will see each other in the near future once more!

With all my love,

Roxanne Appleby x

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